Laptops and Android Mobile Phones Specification

Some people uses the laptop and mobiles phones for the special purpose like they took the work from it i.e their everyday work ,their profession,their learning and many more,while other used them for playing games and using the social media but there were some major things that you need to know .What  is their specification ,how we take work from it ,what are their uses.All of these are discussed in this article.

currently there are many laptops available in the market .Now we need which type of laptop is our need .what are their specification.because every day their is a great innovation occur in that(computer) we will find that type of thing having recently added functionalities.

Dell And Hp:

Currently we have seen that a lot of a new invention occur.Now a days the laptops of dell and hp are  running its your opinion that which one you selected because both have same specifications and it totally depends on your budget.

following are the some major information that may help you a lot in near future.These are:

  • For the purpose of programming ,web designing,graphic designing and for mechanical engineering i will suggest you to purchase Dell.

if you are interesting in playing more powerful games as compared to others like gta ,cod,etc than i will suggest you to buy HP with AMD should also need to check its processor,RAM.

for hp spectre the most powerful laptop.

Android phones:

we have also seen a great or we say avast changes occur in mobile phones we can examine it by this that when the mobile phones take part in real life than the pad mobiles are almost 10,000 rupees or above but mow we see that the changes occur in it those mobiles which have button pad are easily available at 1000 or less.Because the android or touch mobiles take place of it




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