How to add photo on instagram through computer:

Adding picture on instagram through Computer or laptop:

It is often seen that when someone try to add  photo on instagram one cannot find any option to put the pic on that media .Today I am telling you the most easiest way from which you can add picture easily.

First of all you  can open the private browser that is called incognito window. Click on the three dots  on the right corner of the address bar as shown below.

Then open this private networks the screen open will look like this

incognito window

  • then again click on the three dots on the top right corner of your page and open the more tools.The page appear will look like this

now you will click on this and than open the developer tools the screen will be like this.It is the easiest way.

when you click on this tab the source page of your browser will open.It’s at the bottom of the pop-out menu. Doing so will cause the Developer window to appear on the right side of the Chrome window .

now you click on this button the tab that open in front of you will become the mobile tab.Now you entered the link of your page like:

click on the login link and open your account .by this the open will look like this as  a mobile page and the features will comes:

now you can add your pictures on instagram by clicking on this button .it is the most simple way you can add picture.

when you add the picture then click on the next button on the top right corner. it will look like this

now Click the “Write a caption…” text field, then type in a description for your photo.and share it with your friends.

you can add post and picture or video by using this method  ialways recommended you to use this you can share your ideas ,your photographs etc.


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