Petya Ransomware continue to attack computers

Petya Ransomware infecting many computers which are connected to the internet, its attacking single computers whole organisations are being hit by ransomware.On Tuesday Petya ransomware launched a huge cyber attack and started to shut down electrical grids, government cyber infrastructures, airport and other government offices in Ukraine. biggest Russian oil companies were also got hit, Denmark owned largest shipping company also infected, various companies and organisations in UK, USA  are also victims. list of Petya ransomware affected company goes on.

What is ransomware?

Ransomware’s don’t damage computers like other viruses do it is a malware spread by hackers using various techniques infected apps, emails and hacked websites, ransomware encrypts data and then victims are asked to pay for data decryptions via a uploaded text file on the computer. even a person with little PC knowledge can also launch an attack as free source code are available on the darknet. Hackers can apply differents methods to gain digital money from victims like bitcoins, PayPal e.t.c.

How to be safe from ransomware

World top anti-virus company Kaspersky Lab has suggested companies to continue to upgrade their operating systems with newest Windows updates and installing verified antivirus programs on computers. you also should remain one thing in your mind that most of the anti-malwares program are not detecting this threat. Some hopes are now lighting up as software companies have begun to respond this threat with the latest security patches







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